Gateways, which began in 2011, is a rural Community Church developed within the parish of Hutton, Fishwick and Paxton and serving the surrounding Scottish Borders and North Northumberland area. A copy of our published accounts can be viewed by clicking here.


Based around our values of hope, creativity and inclusivity Gateways exists to build Christian community and share the timeless good news message of Jesus Christ in a relevant way.


12 January

Gateways Fellowship

Coffee from 10.30am at Hutton village hall as we gather for the first time in this decade!

9 February

Gateways Fellowship

Coffee from 10.30am at Hutton village hall

Gateways Fellowship

The Gateways Fellowship is attended by all ages, and offers an opportunity for interactive worship, followed by a time of more focused teaching for adults.

We also run a separate programme of children’s activities during the morning.

Word Of The Day

Discipleship Group

Meeting in people’s homes on alternate Tuesday evening’s, our Discipleship group offers a safe place to look deeper into the Christian life and grow together. Usually up to 15 people meet, and after refreshments we would typically look together at a passage from the Bible, as well as sharing in prayer and worship. Please contact us for the latest venue!


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